Topeak Survival Tool Wedge Pack

Customer Rating: 3.2

Online Cycling Store Your no 1 Customer Review Site – This cyclist’s wedge-shaped “survival” pack features a top compartment with a 16-piece tool set imbedded in a foam mold so the tools don’t rattle. The pack’s large bottom compartment provides plenty of room for other “survival” items, including cell phone.

A Quick Click Fixer provides fast and easy removal from seat rails. Other features include a reflective strip, a rain cover, and a taillight holder. Bottom straps with peg secure a pump. The pack is made of 100-denier, Teflon-coated material. The tool kit comprises a seven-function folding tool (2-6mm hex key, flat and Phillips screwdrivers); combo wrenches (5/6mm hex keys, 8/10mm box wrench, 9mm box/spoke wrench); a universal chain tool; two tire levers; and a patch kit.

Topeak Survival Tool Wedge Pack Product Description

  • Type: seat bag
  • Extra pockets: 1 main compartment, 1 side compartment
  • Fixing: QuickClick Fixer F11
  • Fastening system: Zipper
  • Safety features: 3M security reflectors
  • Volume: 1000 ml
  • Weight: 0,48 kg
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 17,5 x 10,5 x 11,5 cm
  • Miscellaneous: rain cover uded
  • Material: 1000 Denier nylon, Dupont Teflon coating
  • Function: tool with 16 included functions
  • Details: tail light attachment

Topeak Survival Tool Wedge Pack Customer Reviews:

Great product. does exactly what it is designed to I really never write reviews but I feel that Topeak really deserves applause for this bag/tool kit. First off I must say that there were a few negative reviews about the product which initially worried me. However, I decided it was too good of a deal to pass up on and I was correct. As far as material and build quality it is amazing. Sturdy and all of the tools are reasonable. It is expandable and has a rain protector pouch. The tools are surrounded by a foam material that prevents any rattling. The bag attaches to the seat using the provided rails and can be easily clipped on and off from the bike. The description informs you of the mounting method and it shocked me that some folks reviewed this product negatively because they didn’t have a “normal” seat. One that has two metal rails on the underside. A standard seat. Honestly, I do a lot of riding and a bag with the right tools is an essential part of riding. For the price you can NOT get a better bag/tool combo. It even has a place in the back the clip your light on. Bravo Topeak. Bravo.

* As a side note people really should review products based on the actual product and its features/quality. And not on their perception of what the product was supposed to be. READ the description. Get the facts before spending your money. The fact that you couldn’t mount this product on your aftermarket seat with its non-standard rails has nothing at all to do with the overall build and design quality of such said product.

Great product! I’ve had this saddle bag for a little over a month and have ridden pretty hard off road trails and the bag has stood up to wipe outs and bumps. Tools are included and are great. I can fit an extra tube, keys, wallet and cell phone in second pocket. Reflective tape makes for good rear indicator for on coming cars as well. A+ product.

Organize lots of stuff, easy access, quick releaseThis Topeak pack is great, because it has two separate compartments–one for essential tools; the other has plenty of room for a few more tools, some small parts, a tube, map, wallet, and cell phone; and, by removing the rain cover, effectively, a small third compartment becomes available for useful items. Plus, it’s even easier to remove and reattach than Cannondale’s T-clamp (mentioned below). The material is durable enough, I expect to get more than 15 years use before it starts to wear. Because I haven’t had it long enough, I haven’t experienced the breaking fixer problem so many report (at Amazon and elsewhere). I decided to buy it anyway because 1) the pack and fixer are both excellent designs, 2) the breakable fixer is its one and only flaw, imo, and 3) I can buy replacement fixers and keep one in the bag. HOWEVER, I must say that Topeak really ought to resolve this problem reported by so many! If nothing else, they could use metal for the fixer. Considering all the stuff I carry in this pack, the extra weight, if any, from metal would be insignificant. Considering the price of the pack, I suspect added manufacturing cost, if any, would also be insignificant.

Purchased 5/2010, this Topeak pack replaced a similarly designed Cannondale underseat pack I’ve used since 1992. The Cannondale had a quick release T-clamp for mounting under the seat–very convenient, and in 18 years of heavy use, in all weather, road & off-road vibration, the original T-clamp never broke. Maybe Topeak could use the same material for their fixer?

When the Cannondale pack started to wear-out a few years ago, all I could find were packs that attached with Velcro straps–even Cannondale thought this was an improvement for their current packs. But not for me, because I only take this pack on long rides when tools, spare tube, patches, etc. might be needed; otherwise, riding (and parking) around town just means another thing to remove so it won’t be stolen by those !@#$%^&*() type of people. But even on long rides, I might park the bike while getting something to eat (or a cold beer), so easy removal and reattachment was important enough to me that I kept using the worn-out Cannondale pack for years until I discovered Topeak’s pack.

I think Topeak’s fixer attachment is a substantial improvement over the T-Clamp and superior to Velcro straps. So, it seems to me, especially given Topeak provides this fixer with many of their products, they could perfect this good idea by using a material that will last for a few decades, at least….

Sending suggestions to Topeak is really difficult, because they have no contact info on their site […]. They have a parent company site […] where you create an account and then open a trouble ticket. I’m going to use the ticket to express my thoughts above to improve the fixer.

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