Slime Lite Tube Presta Valve Bicycle Tube

Slime Lite Tube Presta Valve Bicycle Tube (700c x 19-25mm)

Slime Lite Tube Presta Valve Bicycle Tube (700c x 19-25mm) (Sports)
By Slime

30 used and new from $7.50

Customer Rating: 3.1

Online Cycling Store Your no 1 Customer Review Site – The SLiME Lite Tube combines a lightweight butyl tube with a revolutionary breakthrough in sealant technology that prevents punctures up to 1/8″ (3mm). This feather-weight tube with “SliME Lite” sealant weighs the same or less than standard tubes.

Slime Lite Tube Presta Valve Bicycle Tube Customer Reviews:

saved me from walking home – These tubes are great.

I was about 4 miles from home with no repair equipment whatsoever when I got my first puncture with these. They streamed slime for a few minutes, then held the seal. I was running 25c tires at 120 psi when I left the house and the slime closed the hole well enough to keep me at 90 psi by the time I got home and pumped them back up to 120 psi.

No More Changing or Patching Tubes on a RideI use the slime lite in conjunction with Continental Touring Plus tires and I haven’t changed a flat in almost two thousand miles. I highly recommend the slime lite for commuters, high mileage cyclist, or anyone who doesn’t mind a little extra weight for the convenience. The only potential problem I can see is if you travel or ship your bike and need to let air out of the tires. The slime can come out and clog the valve, making it difficult to re-inflate or judge the air pressure while inflating. I encountered this with slime tubes and schrader valves on my mountain bike.

Works great and is light weightI was skeptical at first with the Lite version of these tubes, having used the standard slime tubes for years on my mountain bike – saved many times from changing flats due to thorns. I’ve since had two thorns that I have pulled from two different tires with these tubes and the slime worked like a charm, filled the hole and holding pressure months later.

Not sure why all the negative reviews, proper installation of an inner tube may be the trick to solve many of the negative feedback such as bad valve stems (if you install the tube with side pressure on the valve stem or are abusive while inflating it will break at the weak point.) Also suggest letting the tube expand evenly inside of the tire while inflating to prevent excessive stretch on sections of the tube. Another common issue is not fully checking the inside of your tire for remaining fragments of whatever may have punctured the tube previously.

Best tube I have used yetI would highly recommend using these tubes I got my first flat after 3 months of use. Previous to using slim tubes I would get flats apx every 1 – 2 weeks.

no problems here, except for my user errori got lucky not really knowing how to put in a tube the first time i used these. nonetheless, they worked flawlessly for 800 miles on both road and packed limestone. i switched my tires and didn’t get one of the tubes in correctly and blew it. the next workout i cranked down my trainer too much and blew the other one. i’ve ordered a couple more to replace those and am expecting them to last longer than the others, since i now know how to put in a tube and use my trainer correctly.

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