Protec Classic Helmet

Protec Classic Helmet

Protec Classic Helmet (Sports)
By Pro-Tec

Customer Rating: 3.6

Online Cycling Store Your no 1 Customer Review Site – Pro Tec Classic helmets are a popular choice at the park and on the street. Known for comfort, style, and protection, these helmets feature a tough yet lightweight ABS shells and two-stage liners for protection. The helmets come in a variety of sizes for a just right fit.

Protec Classic Helmet Customer Reviews:

Good helmetNot into BMX and tricks. More into mountain biking and downhill. Got this helmet for riding around street and trails. I just didn’t want those helmets that everyone has (canadian tire mountain bike helmets LOL).

No complaints at all. I thought ventilation would be a problem but it’s good enough for pounding on your pedals on trails under the sun. Sizing is good and fits well, I got the XL size. I usually wear 7 1/2 or 7 3/4 hats. Alot of quality and style all for a very good price. Awesome helmet from Pro-tec.

Great helmet, couldnt praise it enoughI brought this helmet for general biking purposes, just to and from work so luckily I can say I haven’t had any spills on it yet BUT it is defiantly the most comfy helmet you could want for these trips, the straps are a big thing for me, these tubular webbing never tug or pull at your skin but at the same time can withstand large tugs and scratches. It somehow manages to look amazing as well. I can vouch for the safety of this helmet as well, while never falling on this one, I have the same design but in a white water make called the Pro-tec Ace water helmet which I have taken a number of rocks and trees to and it in the course of kayaking. It has has never shown a hint of damage while always protecting me. All in all Pro-Tec is a great company, these guys make nothing but helmets so they have a wealth of knowledge to bring to the design.

Pro –
– Looks good
– High standard of safety
– Comfy fit
– Free Stickers (always a bonus)

Cons –
– Maybe the high price but really money shouldn’t be a factor in helmet purchase,

No more snapple bottles thrown at my skull, Huzzah!am a NYC cyclist. I ride in way many would describe as…Reckless. Others would say Fool hardy. I went from wearing a helmet to not wearing one as I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror wearing it and I threw up in my hands a little bit. So after months of raw doggin’ it on the psychotic streets of NYC(The ease of obtaining a license is laughably easy. Seriously though, its kinda scary that a 17yr old who cant even pay a phone bill on time is given responsibility of a 2 ton killing machine), I finally guilted my family into buying this for me so they would stop worrying if I was dead or not. It’s a 100% upgrade from the previous model and I will be proud to don this on my dome as I barrel through intersections screaming ‘beep beep beep’. Just try and hit me with a Snapple bottle now, guy at Houston and Lafayette who would have seen me if he wasn’t too busy texting.

Great Helmet! CAREFUL WHEN CHOOSING A SIZE!I love this helmet! The Matte Charcoal is a nice looking colour and the yellow straps are a cool accent (not to mention that they are extremely soft and never irritating) I would definitely recommend this helmet.

I made the mistake of ordering the size based on the exact measurements i got when following the recommended sizing procedure. When it arrived it was a full size too small. I looked online (should have done this first) and read that many people find Protec to run small. So i returned the Large i had purchased (Amazon made this process easy and seamless as usual) and ordered an Extra Large. It fits great and is really comfortable.

Love the Look, Fits Nice and SnugWithin the past month, I’ve picked up bicycling. While I don’t go terribly fast, my husband insisted that I get a helmet “just in case” and to be a good role model to our two kids. I ended up buying a Protec helmet and am very happy with it. I have a fairly big head, and I found that the L fit true to size. It’s a little snug, but that’s how I like it. It stays firmly on my head while bicycling, it’s comfortable, and it should protect my head should I fall off my bike (I won’t test that, thanks). The helmet looks just like the one in the picture also – super glossy and awesome! Highly recommended.

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