Continental Grand Prix 4000S Bicycle Tire

Continental Grand Prix 4000S Bicycle Tire with Black Chili (700x23, Black)

Continental Grand Prix 4000S Bicycle Tire with Black Chili (700×23, Black) (Sports)
By Continental

53 used and new from $44.35

Customer Rating: 3.1

Online Cycling Store Your no 1 Customer Review Site – Continental claims these are the best all-around road bike race tires on the market, and rightfully so. They’ve got some super-grippy tread, minimal rolling resistance, puncture protection and a pretty solid wear life. If you’re looking for a seriously reliable set of race tires, look no further. State-of-the-art Black Chili compound hugs the road tighter than a tricked out sports car, giving you sure-footed handling in the corners Vectran anti-puncture layer

Continental Grand Prix 4000S Bicycle Tire Customer Reviews:

RoadscrapeI did a good bit of research and narrowed my choice down to the Conti 4000 S and Vittoria Open Corsa Evo. I found a great deal on pair of Contis for much less than the Vits, so ordered the 4000 S in 700×23. I’m fairly sure the 4000 S and 4000 in black are the same tire with different graphics – but the 4000 in colors do not have the same material compound.

Over 3,000 miles on this set and still amazed by them (rotated when rear started to square). My other bikes have wider tires (28 and 30) yet the Conti GP 4000 S in 23 mm rides more smoothly (I’m 178 lb., run it at 100 psi – note that maximum pressure on bike tires means max. for 220 lb. total weight – vary the psi according to your weight+bike weight).

The 4000 S has amazing ride quality and durability on chip/seal and old broken pavement as well as new blacktop. I’ve hit fresh gravel (sharp edged stuff indeed), plenty of road holes, patches of broken glass, small pieces of sheet metal and who knows what else – yet can find any cuts on either tire (never seen a Michelin or Specialized pull that trick). Thankfully I no longer live in goathead country, but these tires I bet would handle goatheads as well or better than other racing/training tires.

Great traction even on wet roads. Confidence inspiring handling on mountain descents. Noticeably low rolling resistance and excellent road feel compared to any clincher Specialized, Hutchinson or Michelin that I’ve ridden – yet the 4000 S is also more durable. How do they that?

Not tried the Vit Open Corsa or the Challenge tires, but they would make for an interesting comparison, indeed.

No flats, ever, on these tires – that’s a first for me. That includes a 24 hour race on city streets in downtown Atlanta, as well as the usual suburban and country road regular rides.

I’ve not babied these tires in the least. If anything, my confidence in the 4000 S has caused me to push them harder than any tire I’ve ridden in the last 25 years. I’ve no logical reason to try any other tire other than my own curiosity.

They’re not inexpensive, but keep an eye out and you can find a deal on a pair at times, such as Pro Bike Kit offers.

Tested on training, and racing. Even Ironman race. Recomended!! – I’ve using them on my time trail bike, from last August 2011. I do over 621 miles a month training, and I also use them to race. All around tires. Best than many others I’ve tried.
A good balance between rolling, puncture resistance and traction.
I noticed a difference from day one.
I’ve tried Conti Ultrasport, Hutchinson Equinox, Vittoria Rubino.
These are on my bike! and I plan continue using them.

Awesome! – Tire was purchased 1/23/11 at the LBS.

2200 miles with this tire and have had NO flats. The wear indicators look like I can easily get 4200 out of this tire. Will definitely be getting the same when the time comes.

Update – 2/15/12 Tire now has 2850 miles on it and still no flats. The wear indicators are almost gone so I’m not sure how much more I will run the tire. But likely a few more hundred miles before I swap it out so 4200 miles is likely not going to happen. I am 225 lbs so I likely expedite wear.

Sad to see none are available for Prime right now. 🙁 Luckily I have a brand new one at home at the ready.

I also put 4000s up front, that’s been about 450 miles so far and it too is going strong.

Update – 4/28/12

Decided to replace the tire today. The wear indicators were gone, and I had gotten 3,230 miles out of it since it was installed last January.
I measured the thickness of the tire. A new one was 4.3 mm thick, this one was 2.3 mm. In the 3200 miles I never had a single flat. I inspected the tire carefully and while there were some external penetrations, none of them came through to the inside.

I had a spare 4000s on the shelf and I installed that. I hope to get another 3000+ trouble free miles out of that. Oh, the front 4000s now has 800 miles on it and no flats or issues there either.

Awesome tire!Great tire! This is probably the best clincher tire I have ridden with (and I’ve ridden on many). The grip is fantastic in both dry and wet pavement. I found that the GP4000s tires can be mounted by hand on all of my rims besides a DT RR1.1-based wheelset; these rims require tire levers but install is still not too painful.

Others have said that they have been getting 7000 mile life; I must be really hard on tires because at half of that mileage my set is close to worn per the wear dots. Maybe they will wear more slowly from this point on out? Just for reference, I’m about 75 kg and always run with tires pumped to ~800 kPaG (~115 psi).

The tires seem to be pretty puncture and tear resistant. In over 2500 miles of riding I didn’t have a single flat (comparable to some of my friends on Gatorskins-and we ride the same roads). I did hit something which tore through all of the layers and rendered one completely useless, but I’m not sure any tire could have withstood whatever I hit.

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