Planet Bike Beamer 1 and Blinky 3 LED Bicycle Light Set

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Customer Rating: 3.1

Online Cycling Store Your no 1 Customer Review Site – Offering long runtimes and exceptionally bright LED light, the Beamer 1 Light Set from Planet Bike is a great choice for daily riders, commuters, and pleasure riders alike. The Beamer 1 headlight provides four times brighter light than prior models with an eXtreme V2.0 genuine Nichia LED bulb that will not dim with age.

The Beamer 1 mounts easily to your handlebar and the beam can be aimed where you need it to light up the road ahead and alert motorists of your presence. Meanwhile, the Blinky 3 provides up to one mile of visibility to the rear with three red genuine Nichia LEDs. The three LEDs and parabolic reflector combine to ensure that you and your bike are visible from both the rear and the sides to help prevent sideswiping. Each light is easy to operate with a single switch on the top that allows you to select between steady, flashing, and off modes. The lights run for 100 to 200 hours respectively on easy to find and inexpensive pairs of AA/AAA batteries (included). The Beamer 1 Light Set is offered at a price point that no one can argue with–and 25 percent of the profits from the sale of each light set are donated by Planet Bike to bicycle advocacy programs. Finally, this high-quality light set is covered by limited lifetime warranty from Planet Bike.

Beamer 1 Features and Specifications:

  • One 4X brighter Nichia eXtreme V 2.0 LED
  • Beam designed to aim light where you need it
  • Two mode, single button operation: blinking and steady
  • Up to 100 hours of run time on two AA batteries (included)

Blinky 3 Features and Specifications:

  • Three super-bright LEDs
  • Built-in parabolic reflector
  • Visible up to one mile
  • Two mode, single button operation: blinking and steady
  • Up to 200 hours of run time on two AAA batteries (included)

What’s in the Box?:

Beamer 1 Headlight, Blinky 3 Taillight, two AA batteries, two AAA batteries, mounting accessories

Planet Bike Beamer 1 and Blinky 3 LED Bicycle Light Set Product Description:

Planet Bike Beamer-1 headlight and taillight sets are long running light sets with super bright LED’s. LED beam headlight along with BRT-3, 3 LED taillights, batteries included. New beam puts light where you need it. Up to 100 hours of run time on 2 AA batteries (included). LED beam headlight along with BRT-3, three LED taillights. Batteries included.

Planet Bike Beamer 1 and Blinky 3 LED Bicycle Light Set Customer Reviews:

Good for urban areas with street lightsThis is what I have on my xtracycle cargo bike right now. The headlight has performed really well over the years. It’s waterproof and the batteries can easily be taken out and installed. You just turn the knob and put the batteries in-no unscrewing the light just to put batteries in which is nice. The only issue I have with the light is that I often take it on and off when i lock up my bike somewhere. Although it easily comes off your bike handlebars, the rubber piece that attaches to the mount can easily get lost.It’s bright enough for urban areas with street lights. If you are off road I’d go with something more powerful.

The blinky has also put up with a good amount of abuse over the years. The only issue I have with it is that the batteries are a really tight fit-which is typical i’ve found of most blinkies. So sometimes it’s a pain getting the old batteries out. I usually use recharable batteries.

Great little light for the priceThis is a great light set for the price. If you are looking for a super bright headlight, then you probably want to get a more expensive light. If you want a light that lights up the road well enough for moderate speeds, then this is the light for you. Both the headlight and the tail light have flashing modes if you are riding on somewhat lit streets and just want to make sure vehicles and people see you.

I read some reviews about not being able to attach securely. The cam lock mechanism is very easy to use and there are a couple of adjustments you can make to the inside diameter of the clamp, so I don’t understand why some people had to build their handlebars up with tape.

All in all, a great little light set for a reasonable price.

The easy how to do it yourself reviewSo I bought this package so I can avoid being hit at night when urban riding. But I also found that you can see the trail in front of you if you aim the light beam a few feet in front of your tire. I wouldn’t recommend bombing down the side of a mountain in the middle of the night with the forward light but you can definitely find your way on the trail if you are taking it easy. The tail light is extremely bright. I rate this product great I’m still alive after many night rides this season (Only a crash which was a result from bike shop error in assembly) (make sure your head tube is tightened down so the wheel turns the same time your handle bars do). Install Tip: If you pinch the clamp on the head light closed with your fingers and tighten the threads on the cam lever while it is off of the journal while getting the thread as tight as you can while still giving you enough room to slide the cam onto the journal as you pinch the clamp shut with your fingers you can then lock the cam into place. I found this to be the most secure install. Tail light is a simple enough install I shouldn’t have to explain to someone who can ride a bicycle.

pretty bight, long-lasting this is a very good light set for city night riding on otherwise well lit streets. drivers are likely to see you. it isn’t enough for a rider to see well on dark streets or trails. the LED lights are efficient; i’ve had it for 2+ years on the first set of batteries and it’s finally seemingly growing dim, time for a change of batteries.

the tail light is as good as many more expensive ones. i have two of these tail lights and one planet bike blinky super flash 1/2 watt blaze LED on my bike. honestly, this blinky 3 LED tail light is just as good as the more expensive super flash 1/2 watt blaze tail light.

i did have the headlight stolen once from the bike because it is easy to detach the headlight. i bought a duplicate replacement cause i liked the set so much. also, bought the same set for my wife’s bike.

i would definitely recommend this to be seen by drivers, i would not recommend this to see on dark, very poorly lit streets.

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