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Product Description

The Kryptolok features a Center Key locking design and a high security pick and drill resistant disc-style cylinder.

  • Center Key Locking mechanism for better security, includes EZ mount carrying bracket

  • High security pick and drill resistant disc-style cylinder

  • Patented bent-foot design makes lock-up easy, patented cam resists attacks by pry bars and hammers

  • Optional $1250 anti-theft protection offer

Kryptonite Kryptolok Combo Standard Bicycle U-Lock Customer Reviews:

Works for me, – Looks like people either love or hate this product. I’ve had mine for over 5 years since the whole bic pen controversy was widely televised on the news media as a `how to’ in popping ULocks for thieves. I appreciate that I don’t have to carry a key for it. I bike commute, and ride regularly for errands and fun, so I can vouch that this one can last when not abused and maintained just like anything else.

The black plastic cover for the dial lock slipped off years ago, and it went right back on, but I noticed it’s removal in no way altered the locks performance so I just tossed the unnecessary component/dial cover.

I’m able to lock my rear wheel and frame to a post and then run my cable through the front tire, so I don’t see the big deal about it being smaller than a traditional Kryptonite lock for which you also need a cable, but hey, if you want to carry the extra weight that’s a personal decision.

I’ve never had a problem with the dial sticking on a number, and if you do I would recommend some WD40 before you return it and go through that hassle.

I wonder if they changed their manufacturer since I purchased mine because many are complaining of a shoddy product. I was just checking Amazon for a friend and after seeing these reviews I probably won’t recommend this lock because so many people are complaining about it. Kryptonite should listen up and make this product more reliable or offer at home-based solutions to these people’s concerns. It’s unreasonable for someone who uses their bike daily to be expected to be lockless while Kryptonite processes the exchange.

That being said, I think this product is worth a try if you lose keys, forget to bring keys or if you’ve ever asked others if they have seen your keys while their actually in your hand. Happy riding everybody!

Great Lock!The worst thing about having a heavy duty U-lock is having to carry it around. This Kryptonite lock with the addition of the mounting bracket solves that inconvenience. I have a Trek 7.3 FX 17.5″ and it mounts on the bicycle perfectly. It goes on my bicycle next to the rear wheel by angling the bracket 90 degrees. It doesn’t interfere with my cycling motion and has about an inch of clearance next to the rear wheel. The lock does chatter a little bit when it’s mounted, but I solved that problem by using wall insulation and duct tape. Now the mounting bracket holds the lock securely and quietly. Another annoyance with the lock is the difficulty of rotating the numbers sometimes. The best way to get around this is by only changing one number when you lock your bicycle. This makes it very easy to open it quickly. Overall, this item still deserves five stars!

The review I wish I had seen I spent a long time researching bike locks. I was trying to balance price, weight, size, stowing method, and of course, security/strength. Every lock seems to have its faults and you certainly can’t have it all. A couple of words of wisdom:

– Unless your bike is particularly attractive, you just need to be more secure/harder to steal than the other bikes on the rack. And there will almost always be people with worse locks than this one (or locks that are used incorrectly).

– I highly recommend using the “Sheldon Brown Lock Technique” (Google it) with any U-Lock you buy.

– Having any lock is better than no lock. In the time I spent researching, I could have been taking my bike out!

I love that this is a combo lock so that I don’t have to carry a key with me. I bought the Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1007 Bicycle Security Cable (10mm x 7-Foot) to go with it, thinking it would be useful to lock the front wheel as well, but honestly that’s more pain than it’s worth.

I for one like the mounting bracket that comes with this lock. Make sure though that you will have enough room on your frame with the lock in the bracket to put a water bottle, pedal (and not hit it), etc. The bracket has a joint in it so that you can turn it to a different angle if that works better for your bike. I turned my bracket so that when the lock is in it, the combination side is closer to the front of the bike and “U” part of the lock is nearly parallel with the bike aiming towards the back. I did have to buy a new nut for the bracket’s bolt at Home Depot though (just take it with you). For some reason, I couldn’t tighten the bracket enough around my bike frame with the nut it came with. This fix made it work perfectly. One word of caution, I did have the lock fall out of the bracket once when riding down over a curb when crossing a street. It’s only happened once and I’m now more aware of that when I go over bumps just in case.

I can’t really speak to the security of the lock. My bike hasn’t been stolen 🙂 It seems pretty sturdy and the numbers turn smoothly. I had read a lot about keys getting stuck in locks, so that’s another problem avoided with the combo. I keep the bike and lock indoors for storage, so I also cannot speak to its durability.

convenientAfter my old cable lock was nearly stolen (luckily my neighbor scared them off), I decided it was time for a U lock. I never wanted a U lock because it meant I would need a key, and they’re big so I didn’t know how I would carry it to and from. I like this lock because you can set the combination yourself, so no key. And it has a little plastic part that rotates over your combination, so somebody walking by wouldn’t even know it’s a combo lock. It comes with an attachment that I used so it clips onto by bike, below the seat in the triangle area the frame makes. It’s sturdy there, I go up and down curbs and it stays on. So this U lock is convenient because it travels well, and I don’t need a key.

One disadvantage of a U lock vs. a cable lock is that I can’t lock it up to a tree, it only works on standardized bike racks or street/parking signs. I have successfully locked two bikes to a bike rack using my U lock, but it’s not easy to do.

I’ve been using it for a few months now, pretty much daily, and it’s held up. I don’t have a problem with the numbers being hard to turn.

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